Redemption Outreach Ministries International, Inc. (ROMI) was founded in 2004 by Larry and Donnetta McAdoo to make an impact in our Central City Communities in Jackson, Mississippi, and surrounding urban areas in the state and across America and in impoverished communities in other countries.

ROMI, Inc. is not a church, although our vision is to plant churches in central cities. ROMI Inc. is not a social services organization, although we are providing services that have social benefits to youth and adults.

As we and our Board of Directors wrestled with this vision of ours so it could be plain to those who hear it, we emerged after months of deliberation, prayer, and soul-searching with our Mission Statement.

“Through Redemption Outreach Ministries International, Inc.’s church planting and other services, central city residents (CCR) will make healthy life choices consistent with their priorities and Christian standards, at a cost comparable to other organizations of similar size.”

Our Board is committed to continue refine our Mission Statement to effectively reflect our original vision for service.